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Anyone Can Be An Ally is a complete training package that includes the 14-minute training video, written and presented by Brian with English, Spanish & French Canadian subtitles. The DVD also includes 4 important Extra Features. The CD-ROM includes the training materials so that any trainer can conduct a training session on this important topic. Send us an email and we’ll send you a link to preview the Extra Features.

1. FAQ: Brian answers the questions he’s asked the most.

2. Tom’s Story: this is a personal story that Brian tells at all his workshops. It’s about creating a workplace that’s welcoming for a closeted gay co-worker to come out. This can put a face on the issue.

3. Guided Imagery: Brian takes viewers on a journey to learn what it would be like to be straight in a gay world. This exercise can help open people up to look at the issue from a new angle.

4. Interview with Brian: this is a behind-the-scenes conversation intended for the facilitator, in which Brian shares more about the challenges of doing this work, and how best to use this program.

The cost of the Ally program is $795 and SunShower offers discounts for:  Government 10% and Education & Non-profit 25%

Multiple Copy Discounts are also available.

Streaming licenses: 
Stream the Ally video via your intranet or our LMS (Learning Management System): call 888-723-8517 and we can set you up with access for 1 to 100,000 viewers. Our LMS system gives you Admin functions to track who watches the video, whether or not they watched the entire video, and results of the 10-question quiz at the end. It also includes a certificate of completion.

To order, click the red button below, or even better, call us at 888-723-8517 so that we can process your order by hand. Thank you!

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“Our hope for a world where we can live fully and equally relies on the courage of our allies – our family, friends and co-workers – and on the wisdom of heroes like Brian McNaught. In ‘Anyone Can Be An Ally,’ Brian brings his clear, engaging expertise to create a resource that everyone who seeks justice for, and understanding within, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community will appreciate. It is an invaluable tool for cultural change, as Brian is a priceless voice for dignity and respect.”
J Kevin Jones, Jr. Deputy Director, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

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