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Learning Objectives of Anyone Can Be An Ally:
1.    Put a face on the issues that confront lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the workplace.
2.   Recognize the important role of allies.
3.   Learn what to say and when, what words to use and how to get your words and music in sync.
4.   Practice skills in being allies.

Training Goals:
1.    To create a workplace in which everyone feels welcome.
Understand which behaviors are considered welcoming and which ones are considered unwelcoming.
3.   Practice our skills in stepping forward to make our colleagues feel as if they want to give 100% of themselves to the job.

The Leader’s Guide material is comprehensive and designed for flexible use. It offers a lesson plan for a 60 to 90-minute training workshop, as well as optional modules that use the Extra Features to expand and deepen your training. The program also includes participant guides, handouts and a Powerpoint presentation. All of these PDF materials are reproducible directly from the CD-ROM, or you can import them into your training materials.

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“There is no better mentor, trusted voice or clearer thinker to educate straight allies and their LGBT co-workers and colleagues than Brian McNaught. This video gives power and purpose to everyone who believes as he does that an open, honest, and accepting workplace is an imperative for every employer.”  Bob Witeck, Founder and CEO, Witeck-Combs

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